Aussie-built PADLOKT platform lets you connect with celebrities for $1.99 per month

Posted on 11 December, 2016

Padlokt is a new Australian-built service that offers celebrities a chance to engage fans with exclusive content and get paid. As a user the pitch here is a small monthly fee, less than a cup of coffee (US$1.99), that enables you to engage with celebrities like NBA, NFL, UFC athletes. The great thing about the Padlokt platform is that it breaks away from everything else on offer right now.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat are all highly managed social channels for broadcast and even if you have an actual reply from your favourite celebrity, its fleeting and they certainly won’t remember you. Instead of a quick 140 character post or a 10 second video, fans will engage with celebrities through video chat. While the Hangouts-style video shows participants from around the globe, the moderated experience is quality controlled (mics muted etc) by a Padlokt team member.

nitially the service is aimed at sports and entertainment fans, with official partnerships with the UFC and several top-tier professional athletes from the NBA, NFL,

world of cricket and track and field, Padlokt has bold ambitions to draw celebrities from all walks of life. Music and movies stars and even business people with significant audiences can leverage the platforms and are able to find that chain of monetisaion on their content that skips on the ads that continue to decrease in effectiveness. Established in Australia earlier this year, Padlokt has bold, international ambitions and have structured their infrastructure on Amazon’s cloud to ensure they can scale out as the user base grows. The company was created by former video communication professional Trent Sydney, management consultant Jason Blewitt, and former professional cricketer and boxer Adam Hollioake. Funding has come from the worldwide media agency Ogilvy and a group of private strategic investors.

Padlokt made some smart decisions in launching the service, they avoided the trap of the quick and obvious path of pitching to the Australian Cricket, Netball or Football teams, instead tackling some of the hardest international sports which have some of the hardest problems to solve, like the mix of existing contractual obstacles to negotiate including team, sport and individual player commitments. As these initial batch of athletes report back to team mates and friends in the industry, expect the list of recruits to grow rapidly.

Something else that’s smart about the platform is that Padlokt have made the experience easy for celebrities to participate in live streams. This demonstrates an understanding of celebrity lifestyle and their international travel commitments, a cumbersome studio setup with perfect lighting and audio was never going to work. Instead Padlokt simply asks hosts to access the service from a laptop and fans are reporting the more natural flavour to the video provides a better, more realistic connection to their idols, so yeah, you’ll see them using their iPhone earbuds and that’s by design. Keeping things simple also increases the likelihood the star will continue to use the service often.

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